for Women 35+

6  Reasons Your Body Comp Isn't Changing


Do you relate? 

Are you doing the same exercise routine, but not seeing the results you used to?
Are you fueling your body appropriately to get the most out of your workouts?
Are you experiencing unwanted body changes related to perimenopause and confused what to do?
Do you need a kickstart to get consistent with your exercise and nutrition plan?


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Learn 6 top strategies to achieve your body composition goals through peri- and postmenopause. 


By the end of this live 60-minute webinar, you will...

Learn the key aspects of strength training that are fundamental to body comp change.

Understand the nuances of fueling your workouts for metabolism and muscle building.

See how exercise programming and progressive overload principles are essential.  

Find out why and how you need to prioritize protein in order to make gains in body composition.

Meet Colleen

Dr. Colleen McGinnis has been treating, training, and coaching in the fields of Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Strength, and Women’s Health for over 16 years. She is the founder of WELLBODY Lab, an online fitness company specializing in strength programming for women 35+. 

Colleen is passionate about educating women on the benefits of strength training through coaching and proven programming to help them build strength and achieve both physique and sport specific goals. Her mission is to bridge the gap between rehab and fitness and empower women to lift heavy safely and with confidence. 

In addition to holding her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from USF, Colleen is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, StrongFirst Barbell and Kettlebell Instructor and a former Crossfit Coach. She has held multiple in-person workshops and been a guest on podcasts educating women on the importance of lifting heavy into perimenopause and beyond.

Meet Dina

Dina Griffin, founder of The Nutrition Mechanic, has a mission to support women throughout their "masters years" to live healthfully and actively throughout all decades of life. 

While personally navigating the challenges of midlife, she has deepened her compassion and appreciation for the variety of ways in which women experience midlife and the aging process. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Board Certified Sport Dietitian, with over 16 years experience in group and private nutrition coaching, Dina blends science-informed nutrition approaches with "real life strategies" to empower women to work with the natural process of aging and menopause.

Dina believes it is never too late to "nourish your awesomeness" and that we each have the ability to proactively create a positive health trajectory for the remainder of our years.